Top Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Celebrations are a way of life. Birthday parties, holiday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, and now gender reveal parties. What better way to announce the sex of the latest addition to your family than to gather all of your closest friends and relatives to play fun games, eat yummy treats, and celebrate together?

While there are a multitude of different ways to announce the gender of your little one, here are the top five gender reveal party ideas:

1. Cake
A party is not a party without this celebratory staple.There is no better way to announce the sex of your little one than to cutinto a slice of decadent cake, placea cake knifebeneath the slice, and slowly pull out a slice of either pretty pink or charming blue.

All you need to do isadd a few drops of pink or blue food coloring to your favorite white cake mix (It can be homemade or from a box). Make sure to choose a frosting that will notgive away the sex and completely cover every inchof the colored cake.

2. Guess the Sex Games
Fun and games make the best, most exciting parties. There are so many different games you can play that involve asking your guests to try to guess the sex of your little one.
You can set a bowl or basket full of pink and blue clothespins at the door. As guests walk in, they can choose a clothespin to wear. Once you make the announcement, the winners get a small reward.
The creative, crafty website Etsy has gender reveal scratch cards available. Give one to each guest and as they scratch the cards, the gender will be revealed.

3. Balloons
Of course, you would want to decorate with both pink and blue balloons so you don’t give away the surprise. For your big reveal, fill an oversized box with a bunch of balloons in the color of the sex. When you get ready to reveal the sex, open the box and let the balloons flow in the air.

4. Decorations
The best way to decorate for your gender reveal party is to decorate in both pink and blue. You can use streamers, balloons, plates, cups, and more. Be sure to use equal amounts of each color so as to keep the actual gender a mystery until the big reveal.
You can create a pink side and a blue side, allowing guests to choose a side. Divide the room in half, with blue table settings on one side and pink on the other.

5. Treats
You can keep the theme going with your choice of treats a well. Pink and blue candy coated pretzels are a good choice for a sweet and salty treat. You can make cupcakes with pink and blue icing, or even use them for the reveal with either blue or pink filling. M&M’s in pink and blue are a nice, sweet, chocolate treat. Cookies can be frosted in pink and blue as well.



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